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NHS Funding

If your care needs are assessed as primarily health needs then you may be eligible for NHS Funded Continuing Healthcare. Unlike social care, health care is not means tested (In other words the level of funding is not determined by your ability to pay – it is free to all).

The National Framework for NHS Funding sets out the eligibility criteria for funding and was originally published in 2007. It was updated in July 2009 and this new guidance came into effect on 1st October 2009.

Active Assistance has worked in partnership with the Spinal Injuries Association to produce a short video and information booklet on NHS Funded Continuing Healthcare. Both can be accessed on this page.

NHS Funded Continuing Healthcare Video Presentation from Andrew Allan on Vimeo.

View at

Documents for download

Continuing Healthcare Information Pack

Continuing Healthcare Funding Levels by PCT

Personalisation: A Rough Guide


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