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Enabling people to live as individually and
independently as possible and supporting
them to achieve their goals and aspirations

About Active Assistance Recruitment

We have a dedicated Active Assistance Recruitment team that manages the employment opportunities for roles like a support worker, head office staff and nurses. They are guided by our company philosophy, which is to enable our clients to live as independently as possible; providing fully trained live-in or live out health care staff to support them in their own home. That’s why we refer to our care workers as Personal Assistants (PAs) and not carers because their¬†role is to work under the direction of the client.

Our Service

The quality of our healthcare service is determined by our ability to organise and deliver superior PA support at a fair and reasonable price. To achieve this we recruit and develop the very best people and deliver the highest level of continuity for our clients by retaining employees for longer. Our aim is to ensure that every client who wants one has a regular PA assigned to them. Search the recruitment page for our current vacancies.

To ensure we meet the requirements of our clients we regularly review their needs; ensuring that all records pertaining to their care are current. This is achieved by maintaining regular contact with them and supervising the service we deliver.

Unlike many domiciliary care agencies, we employ a Nursing Team who supervise the service we provide to our clients and support our PAs. Each member of our Nursing Team has specialist skills and knowledge relevant to the client group we support.

The Active Assistance recruitment team constantly seek feedback from clients and employees to promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Please note that Active Assistance welcomes candidates from the EU to join their valuable workforce in the UK. The UK is still currently a member of the EU. We are keeping all employees informed on changes and we support our Care Workers through current Brexit uncertainty.

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