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Vicky – Junior CSM

Find out about Vicky’s career progression since joining Active Assistance. Vicky joined Active Assistance in August 2017 as she saw an advert that appealed to her looking for someone enthusiastic to care for a young person.

Having previously worked in a supporting role in a specialist school and nursery, Vicky had not considered a career in care, until she had supported her own mum after she had a heart attack.

Initially Vicky supported a young adult who had a tracheostomy and sometimes needed oxygen or ventilator support and was PEG fed. Vicky would arrive at her home at the start of the day, help her to get dressed and then support her throughout the day, so that she could attend college and lead as independent a lifestyle as possible. The young lady did not want a ‘carer’, she wanted someone who was there to help her lead an independent lifestyle. With 1:2:1 support she was then able to participate in college trips and attend out of school clubs and leisure activities, such as shopping.

On-going Training

Vicky benefited from Active Assistance’s in-house training course led by a nurse specialist so that she understood how to provide ventilator support, oxygen and PEG feeding. These clinical skills were all taught before Vicky started her job and her competences were signed off, together with three months shadowing in the role, before she actually started to do work on her own.

Vicky said ‘I felt fully competent in my skills following the thorough training and mentoring I received prior to working 1:2:1 with a client’

Once the young lady turned 18 years old, then she transitioned into adult care.

Vicky is now working with four children, across a range of ages, one as young as 9 months, all with the same care requirements in terms of ventilators and tracheostomies.

Career Progression

Vicky was promoted to Junior Care Service Manager (JCSM) in October 2018. This new role was created to offer support to the CSM’s. The CSM is a registered nurse, within the Active Assistance Complex Care division, who oversees the clinical competences and training for the PA’s as well as facilitating the assessment and development of the individual care packages for the clients.

Vicky has undertaken further training as required by the development of her career during her time with Active Assistance, including intensive ventilation, how to recognise a sick child and Makaton so she can communicate more easily with some of the children she supports.

As a JCSM, Vicky is involved in the monthly visits to the clients due to the fact that due to their continuing growth and development their care needs evolve and therefore it is essential needs to review their medication/MAR charts, care plans and KPI’s on a monthly basis.

‘I enjoy being part of someone’s care, where you are able to enrich their life’

If you are considering a career in care, why not check out our vacancies.

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