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Direct Payments

Personal Health Budgets

A personal Health budget is an amount of money paid by the NHS; supporting a person’s identified health and wellbeing needs. The package is planned and agreed between you, or your representative, and your local NHS Continuing Healthcare team.

Our vision for personal health budgets is to enable people with any disability; giving greater choice, flexibility and control over the healthcare they receive.

How can we at Active Assistance help and support you with delivering your healthcare needs and enhancing your wellbeing?

Summary of services available for PHB holders from Active Assistance

  • Accredited CQC
  • Personalised Care Planning; helping you to fulfil your goals and aspirations – as set out in the Support Plan you’ve agreed.
  • Delivery of all or part of your care needs
  • If we are delivering part or all of your care needs we will take full responsibility for :-
    • Recruitment – assisting you to select the PAs you want to deliver your care
    • Training – Ensuring adherence to quality assured Policies and Procedures in line with current legislation:-
      • 5 day induction covering the requirements of ‘Skills for Care’
      • Enhanced clinical training for your specific healthcare needs as well as competency sign off of the individual PAs
    • Rostering of staff, fulfilment of  unfulfilled shifts due to unforeseen absence or planned holidays or maternity leave
    • Clinical Oversight by your named Care Services Manager who is a Healthcare Professional
    • PA management through your named Care Coordinator assisted by your named Care Standards Officers

If you wish to have even greater control of different aspects of your care needs / care and support package we can offer

  • Support for you with recruitment of your care team
  • Clinical Oversight / Outcome based Personalised Care Planning by a named Healthcare Professional in line with your clinical needs and as laid out in the Continuing Healthcare Support Plan
  • Human Resource planning – advice and support particularly regarding DBS checks
  • Training of the care team and ensuring adherence to quality assured Policies and Procedures
  • Respite care
  • Monitoring the teams practice and adherence to the Personalised Care Plan as well as detecting any training needs.

As the leading National provider of continuing complex care in the home setting, Active Assistance is uniquely positioned to support clients on personal health budgets.  Our multidisciplinary team of care service managers includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses. There is back up support from psychology and pharmacy available also.  Our care service managers already provide case management support to our clients and this together with our back office functions including finance, HR and training we are probably uniquely positioned to guide and signpost clients to appropriate solutions especially if they choose to employ their own care staff in respect of employment law and practice.

Our Care Services Managers (CSM) will work closely with you the PHB holder to:

  • Ensure that at the heart of each care package there is a care plan that is owned by you the client. This plan will identify all the needs and what is actually most important to you in respect of their lifestyle, health and safety.
  • Our CSMs will work with you to ensure you have sufficient information and knowledge to make the right choices for yourself.
  • Work with you to set ‘SMART’ objectives and outcomes that are relevant and appropriate for you. Furthermore the CSM will work with the Personal Assistants (PAs) to ensure these objectives are clearly communicated to them and the delivery of care is tailored to meeting your personal objectives.
  • If you choose to employ your own PAs, you will have access to Active Assistance Human Resources department as well as recruitment services, employment law advice and support, policies and procedure writing, training and respite service.
  • Ensure that your evolving needs are met and that the service is modified and evolves on a continuous basis.
  • Ensure that your care and support delivery stays within the parameters set by the Commissioning Authority, including sound financial and accounting arrangements.

We are able to signpost you to other agencies, e.g. charities, the voluntary sector and other support services who may be able to offer support in specialist niche areas (e.g. sexual health, alcohol concern and substance misuse, counselling etc.). This will help conserve your Personal Health Budget as many of these service are no cost options.

Whether the care requirement is a few hours each day to multiple handed twenty four hour care, the philosophy is the same: to ensure we add value by putting you the client at the centre of everything we do.  Support is provided holistically on the basis of the Active Assistance support cycle:-

Direct Payments Support Cycle

Delivering your support and care through your Personal Health Budget would be no different.

Self-Funded Care

Not everyone is eligible for a Continuing Care allowance and many people self-fund their own care. Active Assistance can help you arrange your care privately by looking after every element; ensuring you receive the best possible support when it’s needed.  Our expertise, as outlined above, is available for all potential clients with a Neurological condition.  We are determined to offer the right service for you; enabling you to enjoy life knowing you’re in safe, professional hands.

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