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Children & Young People

Each child and family is unique. Supporting a range of conditions, our CYP (Children & Young People) teams have specific training in supporting, enabling and empowering children and their families. Our specialist children’s nurses work with families, CCGs, Case Managers and schools / colleges and universities to ensure that the personalised care plan (PCP) enables the individual child or young person to get the most from life.

Active Assistance Services

Our services for children and young people with complex clinical conditions are centred around the specific needs of the child and the family. Working in collaboration with all members of the Multi-disciplinary team we build our care around the child’s requirements, family dynamics and culture. This ensures we are able to tailor individual packages that enable the child to develop to their full potential and for the family, including any other siblings, to be able to determine how they live their lives.

All home care packages for children are overseen by a qualified paediatric nurse. Personalised care plans (PCP) are written with input from the child/young person, their family and supporting health professionals. Regular reviews by our CYP team ensures that the care is continually reassessed. Care is adapted to meet the child’s evolving needs and commissioners pay only for what is actually required.

We also recognise that transition from paediatric to adult services is often very challenging. It is a major life event for young people with complex health needs and the uncertainty they face can be extremely daunting. With our own Transition Care Pathway we seek to guide, support and signpost young people; helping to encourage and empower them throughout their journey. As a result, this enables them to transition into the adult care team within Active Assistance in a seamless way. Therefore, this is is always through partnership working between our nursing teams and only when it is developmentally appropriate for the young person. Young people can continue with their team of PA’s (Personal Assistants) or change to an alternative care package such as a Live-in PA depending on their circumstances.

We provide bespoke care packages designed to support and empower families. So whether a child requires around the clock care, or weekly respite support for the family, Active Assistance is able to help. We aim to provide a reliable and resilient service to enable families to feel confident in our provision. This ensures they really do get the support and respite they need.

Support Services

Active Assistance supports children with a range of complex conditions including: –

  • Neurological conditions including spinal injury, encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, hypoxic brain disease.
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as aortic regurgitation, arrhythmias and congenital disorders.
  • Digestive disorders including GORD, short gut syndrome and strictures
  • Respiratory conditions such as artificial ventilation, tracheostomy and laryngiomalacia.
  • Excretory disorders including catheter management and manual bowel evacuation.
  • Muscular disorders including muscular dystrophy and muscular atrophy.
  • Rare and orphan conditions including Prader Willi Syndrome and Batten’s disease
  • Multiple complex disorder

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