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Brain Injury Care

Acquired Brain Injury

Each year over 200,000 people acquire a brain injury with varying degree of damage, disability and hospitalisation. Active Assistance works with the client and their family to promote independence and maximise potential. We recognise that often the most disabling consequences of an acquired brain injury are those that cannot be seen, for example the changes to a person’s personality, social and family situation.  We recruit teams of individually selected support workers for specific clients and provide comprehensive and on-going support and training to each team.

Each client is individually assessed for a care package and an assessment report is made available outlining the care requirements together with the cost of the recommended service. This assessment identifies the client’s needs and provides recommendations about the type of support package we could offer, including specific details on how we would meet the physical, psychological and emotional care needs of the client, and would include details of any rehabilitation leisure, educational and employment requirements.  An individual support / care plan would be agreed with identifiable objectives. This is reviewed on a monthly basis by the Care Service Manager, the support team and the client

The Care Team

A team of support workers is specifically recruited to work with the client and where possible the client will participate in the recruitment of support workers. The support team will be familiar with the individuals support plan, and this will enable them to direct and tailor their support to the client’s individual needs. The team will understand that the level of support required may vary from day to day, and they will become skilled at adjusting and providing the support required as they form a relationship with the client.

Support Workers can provide personal care or supervise and prompt the client to carry out an agreed personal care routine themselves. They may also undertake or assist with domestic and shopping activities, supporting individuals with educational courses, voluntary work and with employment opportunities. They may also support the client with social activities, holidays, financial budgeting and with the administration of medication. Support workers will not be expected to provide physical restraint, unless this is a specific requirement (for which training will be provided).

The clients Care Service Manager will hold regular team meetings which the client will be encouraged to attend. The team and client have access to twenty-four hour emergency on call support.


An initial full week long induction and training programme is followed by enhanced training in brain injury. This ensures that each support worker is competent and confident to understand and meet the needs of the client. This will include a series of discussions and information sharing about the nature of brain injuries, rehabilitation and care philosophies, which will be individually related to the individual client.

Where a client is being discharged into the community for the first time, Active Assistance may provide additional residential management cover to give additional support for the client and team during the transition period.

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