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Enabling people to live as individually and
independently as possible and supporting
them to achieve their goals and aspirations

Adult Care

Specialist Adult Care

We are able to support adults with a range of complex acquired and congenital conditions on a live in or live out basis including where appropriate a combination of both across the country.

Our approach is always to put the client at the centre of everything we do. Our aim is to understand the client, their families, lifestyle as well as cultural and religious norms. In short we look at the whole individual and not the condition! We are committed to working with professionals both in hospital and community in meeting the needs of people requiring complex care at home. We attend all multi-disciplinary meetings and reviews to: –

  • Assess Individual’s needs.
  • Support and contribute to ongoing care plan.
  • Individual risk assessment

Our dedicated case managers work with hospitals, the local CCG, GP and others to ensure that adequate plans and equipment are in place prior to any client discharge.  Individual carers are trained around the specific needs of each client and signed off by a registered nurse before they commence working with any individual.   Our recruitment team works with the client and their families to ensure that carers recruited are ‘compatible’ with individual clients and their families.

Whether a case requires around the clock double handed care, or whether the need is for a few hours support, Active Assistance is able to help.

Active Assistance supports adults with a range of complex conditions including: –

  • Clients with complex neurodegenerative diseases, e.g. Huntington’s chorea and Motor Neurone Disease
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Respiratory conditions including artificial respiration.
  • Oncology
  • Gastro-intestinal conditions including PEG feeding
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Respite care and support.

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